Whether in your home, an office or even a board room, Susan’s tapestry will add a splash of color, an energizing design or even a bold statement that will bring the room to life.


Her tapestries present in a range of designs, color schemes and sizes. Many works include a discrete hanging sleeve on the back that permits the art to be displayed on a prominent wall space or on a dining room table, buffet or conference room table.   Other works can grace a bedroom, whether as a quilt on the bed or other headboard, or as a smaller, splash of color across the foot of the bed or a lounge chair nearby.

Personalized creations and custom designs are always an option, depending on the client’s particular style, color scheme, and dimensions. The sky’s the limit!

  • Rich and stately alter runners to celebrate not only the special wedding ceremony but also the many celebratory dinner parties to be enjoyed over the years.
  • Quilts for all occasions, whether for a special birthday, a college-bound student, a wedding gift, a baby gift, an anniversary gift.
  • Color-coordinated baby quilts to decorate a nursery wall or provide a warm wrap for those enjoying the rocking chair nearby.
  • Specially designed wall hangings (or office conference table runners) for the new professional or the recipient of a professional award.
  • Designer coordinated creations to grace a new home, beach house or an urban loft.

Décor to make any home foyer or office reception area warm and welcoming.