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The Creator

Susan Ziel spent more than 40 years in health care, as a nurse, administrator, consultant, healthcare attorney and healthcare law/ethics professor. In recent years, she has come to appreciate the importance of beauty and function in our daily lives. As a result, she  has developed an interest in healthcare design and contemporary art.  Through Wabi Creations, she also designs and makes a variety of unique creations, including handbags, wall hangings, table runners and more, using unique and unusual fabrics such as vintage silk ties, cork fabric from Portugal and other decorator designs and trims from around the world.  

Susan Ziel

Interesting Facts About Susan Ziel


 A lover of recycled and repurposed goods, Susan often makes her handbags from recycled vintage ties, decorator fabric samples and heirloom buttons, jewelry and trims. A few years ago, one of Susan’s handbags, made from several of her husband’s recycled silk ties, won a purse contest and was featured in Haute Handbags. 

Susan Ziel - Handbag Presentation

 Quite a storyteller, Susan often speaks to groups about the rich history of women and their handbags. This one-hour presentation features a slide presentation that includes colorful images, interesting historic facts and wonderful stories.  

Susan Ziel - Trunk Show

 Susan loves to travel and she participates in several trunk shows around the country each year where she shares her handbags, wall/table art, fabric bowls, holiday stockings and more with new and returning clients.  

Whether as part of an in-person or an online FaceTime or Zoom gathering, Susan enjoys working with her clients and their family, friends and colleagues to design their very own unique, custom handbags. These events are great for holidays, birthdays and other celebrations. Pre-purchased gift certificates for individuals or groups are also available. 

Susan displays and sells her handbags, wall/table art and other creations in several different art shows and retail shops. At the present time, Wabi Creations are sold at the following locations: 

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